Thread Painted Sea Turtle




2.5 hours

About the Course

I am going to show you how to create your own THREAD PAINTED SEA TURTLE. Have a look at this cutie in the photograph!

This is just one of my very exciting classes where you will receive all the tips on working with sheers and heavy machine embroidery. (I say's not really heavy except that you will be working on sheers which make it look heavy!) You will also benefit from my vast knowledge of the blending of machine embroidery threads, necessary to make your work stand out as a masterpiece!

This is a two hour class with an extra half an hour scheduled for questions and answers afterwards.

Your Instructor

Tilly de Harde

Tilly de Harde

I derive great satisfaction from sharing my knowledge with like-minded people and giving them the skills to create their own masterpieces. I also love the personal connection I create with people through sharing my knowledge with them. Moving online allows me to reach a wider student base, where I hope to inspire more people. I learn while I teach---my students enrich my life.