We don’t like these because of the sting but….this is such a fun class! You will receive a pattern, a list of requirements and very clear instructions on how to create your own, very realistic looking blue bottle. These make lovely gifts as they are quick to create and easy to frame. They can also be added to an article of clothing or used in your ocean quilts! I loved creating mine so join me!


To accommodate both my international and South African audience I am offering two options for my Rain in Africa course on the 17th of September - Make sure you sign up for the best time that suits your time zone. This course starts at (GMT+2) 9AM JHB time and finishes at (GMT+2) 10am on 17 September 2022.


This is a 1hr Zoom course.


Sign up now to book your seat!

Beautiful Blue Bottles: (GMT+2) 9AM JHB time

  • 1. If you have not received your link and List of Requirements a day after payment, please let me know and I will send it immediately.
    2. All my classes are live Zoom classes with clear explanations and short video clips. There will not be any access to recorded classes afterwards.
    3. You will have support via whatsap or email for a month after the class.
    4. Please check the time that class starts and be sure to be in the waiting room 15 minutes before starting time. Late comers disrupt the class and could miss out on part of the class as I start promptly at the time specified.
    5. No refunds will be given for cancellations.
    6. In the event that I cancel the class, fees will be refunded or we can make arrangements for rescheduling the class.
    7. Notes will be supplied for each class.