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Bubbles Course




4 hours

About the Course

In this four hour class, you will learn how to create this optical illusion. You will learn how to cut with confidence using a rotary cutter without using a ruler and sew curvy shaped strips together without any puckers. You will be able to sew perfect circles by the end of the class. You do not have to be a master quilter to join this class but you must have a good understanding of your sewing machine. You will benefit so much from these techniques…it will be a sin to miss it!

Your Instructor

Tilly de Harde

Tilly de Harde

I derive great satisfaction from sharing my knowledge with like-minded people and giving them the skills to create their own masterpieces. I also love the personal connection I create with people through sharing my knowledge with them. Moving online allows me to reach a wider student base, where I hope to inspire more people. I learn while I teach---my students enrich my life.

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