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Online Octopus Class




3 hours

About the Course

In this three hour class, I will demonstrate the type of stitching that you require to create the realistic looking skin of an octopus, including the high and low lights to let your octopus come alive! There is no paint involved in the creation of this work. You do not have to be an experienced quilter or embroiderer to do this but you must have a good understanding of the basic functions of your sewing machine. Of course, a good imagination is always a plus!

Your Instructor

Tilly de Harde

Tilly de Harde

I derive great satisfaction from sharing my knowledge with like-minded people and giving them the skills to create their own masterpieces. I also love the personal connection I create with people through sharing my knowledge with them. Moving online allows me to reach a wider student base, where I hope to inspire more people. I learn while I teach---my students enrich my life.

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