I am passionate about working with different textiles and manipulating these to create contemporary art. My creative journey began three decades ago with a strong background in quilting. Since then I spend my time finding creative ways to break the traditional rules. As a Fibre Artist I experiment with strange combinations of bright colours and different textures. I find studying and inventing new techniques to create my work deeply fulfilling. 


Through experimenting, I discover and invent new techniques. I share this knowledge in my teaching practice with people everywhere to empower them with the confidence to use these skills when they create their own work. I love sharing my enthusiasm for fabric manipulation and I am passionate about working with students who want to learn how to create their own unique artworks by using my techniques.


With a background in domestic machine quilting and a number of prize winning quilts locally and internationally, I was chosen by Bernina as ambassador for quilting in South Africa. I have an innovative approach to quilting on a longarm machine which I use to turn clients' quilt tops into their very own masterpieces.


EDGE OF EXTINCTION  51cm X 32cm      R5 500,00_edited.jpg

Add a vibrant, original work to your collection.


Easy to follow classes. Learn new techniques to incorporate in your work.


Let's collaborate to elevate your quilt top into a masterpiece.

SHATTERED   100cm X 90cm R23 000,00_edited.jpg



"I so enjoy Tilly's quilting lessons. Tilly is incredibly talented and creative and she imparts her knowledge in a very generous and fun way. I have learned so much from her excellent lessons."

| Brenda Williams |



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