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Abstract Landscape

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Are you interested in discovering how to ‘paint’ a n abstract landscape or seascape using only fabric strips and your sewing machine? Unleash your creativity by creating your own stunning masterpiece inspired by a photograph of your beloved scenery! In this session, I'll demonstrate by short videos plus class notes, how to create a captivating abstract landscape using fabric strips and your sewing machine! While it may seem daunting, all it takes is a sprinkle of creativity, some intriguing fabric selections, a compelling landscape or seascape photo, and a canvas to bring your vision to life. By following my guidance, you'll proudly hang a finished masterpiece on your wall by the end of our session, complete without any unsightly hand - stitched edges . You'll receive a list of class materials and a set of comprehensive notes that you can apply to countless land or seascapes plus other projects in the future. Join me in this journey of artistic expression as we ‘paint’ together our own Abstract Landscape using the unique medium of fabric strips! CLASS CURRICULUM 1.) Welcome and List of Requirements 2.) Cutting, Sewing and Ironing 3.) The Accent Strip 4.) Squaring off 5.) Completing the Artwork 6.) Quilting 7.) Mounting the Artwork





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