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Realistic Landscape

  • 90Days
  • 13Steps


In this two hour class, I am going to show you how I use threads and yarn to paint a beautiful realistic landscape. I know it sounds impossible but with just a bit of imagination, some threads and yarn, a striking landscape (or seascape) photograph and a canvas, you will be able to hang a completed artwork on your wall by the end of my instructions. I will show you how to finish off your artwork without any unsightly handwork around the edges! I will give you lots of tips and tricks on positioning your work to give a pleasing outcome! You will receive a list of class requirements and a set of notes which you will be able to use for many different land or seascapes afterwards. Join me and create your own Realistic Landscape with me painting with threads and yarn! COURSE CURRICULUM a) Welcome and List of Class Requirements: A discussion of the class requirements. b) Auditioning Threads and Yarn c) Where do I Start? Preparing the Background: Talking composition. d) Capturing the Threads: Technique explained. e) Changing Threads and Tension problems: No problem! f) Soaking Out: How to soak and dry your artwork. g) Machine Embroidery on Artwork: A discussion on the correct threads to use, scale and depth. h) Layering Correctly: Professional finish. i) Sewing Around the Edge and Turning Right Side Out: This can be quite difficult but once I show you how, you will use this technique regularly! j) Mounting on Canvas: Step by step how to finish off your artwork.





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