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Embracing Creativity During the Holidays

As we dive into the festive spirit of December, the to-do lists seem endless, with homes transforming into cozy wonderlands and the air filled with the promise of holiday cheer. Amidst the flurry of tidying, decorating, and spreading goodwill, I've found my own little haven of creativity. Rather than letting December slip away as a time for a break, I've discovered that infusing a dash of creativity into the holiday hustle keeps my spirits high and sets the tone for an inspired new year.

Play-day with my friend: Christmas Ball

This season, I've whipped up something special: a charming Christmas quilt that magically came together in just two hours! I know, it sounds like a holiday miracle, but trust me, it's doable, and the joy it brings is worth every moment. Join me on this festive creative adventure – a quick and delightful project that won't steal precious time away from your loved ones and holiday preparations. Let's dive into the cozy world of creating together!

Cute Christmas Quilt; Work in Progress


• 20” x 6” background fabric.

• 21” x 7” backing fabric.

• Enough fabric to bind the quilt.

• 21” x 7” batting.

• 13” x 5” Applique paper.

• Scraps (I used narrow strips).

• Thread to machine quilt the background.

• Shiny thread to couch.

• Beads and sequins for decoration.

• Plastic ring as hanging apparatus.

Christmas Bauble

Christmas Tree


1. Iron scraps onto the applique paper.

2. Draw a circle and a triangle on the applique paper and cut these out.

3. Remove the release paper, position it in the correct place, and iron onto the background fabric.

4. Layer backing, batting, and quilt top; then pin or use spray glue to secure them together.

5. Use a suitable foot and matching thread on your machine to meander around the images—avoid quilting over them.

6. Use a couching foot and a shiny thread to couch around the images, securing the sides firmly.

7. Embellish the bauble and couch a string to the top that disappears off the quilt top.

8. Sew a binding or a facing on. I added a very thin flange between my binding and quilt top (though, I must admit, the handwork took a bit longer than the two hours!)

9. Sew a star, sequins and beads onto the Christmas tree (Optional) and a little bell on the bauble.

10. Sew a ring as a hanging apparatus in the centre top on the back of the quilt and hang it somewhere close to your Christmas tree. Voila, your delightful creation is ready to spread holiday cheer!

Please share the free Festive Table Decoration class on my website, along with the instructions from my blog for creating the Cute Christmas Quilt, with your friends and family. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Completed Cute Christmas Quilt

If you are passionate about textiles and want to learn more about how to incorporate my innovative techniques into your work, follow me on Instagram @tillydeharde and Facebook, Tilly de Harde Fibre Artist & Teacher and visit my website & subscribe to my mailing list. Please don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box below!

I hope you stay creative during the festive season! If you are going away, enjoy the holidays and come back rested and ready for the next year! Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed festive season and a wonderful 2024!



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