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It is autumn where I live and this season always inspires artists and quilters to create beautiful autumn quilts and artworks. I find inspiration for my work mostly from nature and the world around me and so, this work, was inspired by the falling leaves. As children, we used to draw scribble patterns and colour these in using different colours. I looked at the huge variety of leaf shapes on my morning walks and those in my garden when I designed this work. If you look carefully, you will see a different leaf pattern in each of the scribble patterns.

I enhanced it by following the main scribble line with a couched silver cord. I also tried a bit of micro quilting in silver metallic thread and although metallic thread can be quite challenging to work with, I didn’t have any problems quilting with it on this particular work. Keep an eye out for my talk on threads that you will soon have access to on my website! I know it is a very green work but just imagine a similar work in autumn colours…how beautiful would that be!


(remember to substitute the green with your favourite colour!)

2 X 60cm X 50cm dark green (or your favourite colour) background fabric.

Backing fabric that is slightly bigger than the background fabric.

2 X 61cm X 51cm Loomtex batting

Neon green Isacord machine embroidery thread.

Black Isacord machine embroidery thread.

Grey Isacord machine embroidery thread.

Black all purpose thread.

Silver metallic thread

2 metres silver cord

Black 100% cotton, enough for narrow binding.

Spray glue or Quilting safety pins

Chalk marker

A good imagination!


Use your long ruler and draw a rectangle of 44cm X 33cm in the centre of the dark green fabric.

Use the chalk marker and draw a simple scribble pattern in the rectangle.

Layer backing, 2 X Loomtex batting and quilt top together, using spray glue or quilting safety pins.

Thread your machine with neon green thread and use a quarter inch foot or a walking foot to stitch on the scribble pattern through all layers.

Stitch on the drawn rectangle.

Set your machine up for FMQ and thread with neon green thread top and bobbin. You will need a foot for free motion quilting.

Use your imagination as well as leaf shapes in nature to draw interesting leaf patterns in each of the scribble shapes. Leave the shapes touching the rectangle open. Don’t repeat any pattern.

Change thread to black and do a filler stitch in the spaces around the inside rectangle.

Change thread to silver metallic and do a small meander pattern in the ‘frame’ around the rectangle.

Using a couching foot, light grey thread and silver cord, couch the cord onto the scribble pattern between the ‘leaves’.

Square off your quilt, sew narrow black binding on using your quarter inch foot or your walking foot and hand-stitch firmly to the back of the quilt.

Sew a hanging sleeve and label on the back of your work and enjoy your beautiful quilted wall-hanging! You may want to make it a bit longer and use it as a table runner!

If you are passionate about textiles and want to learn more about how to incorporate my innovative techniques into your work, follow me on Instagram @tillydeharde and Facebook Tilly de Harde Fibre Artist & Teacher and visit my website & subscribe to my mailing list. You can also view my very informative videos on my Youtube channel. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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